Independent audio
post-production studio

Gradisca film recording is an independent audio post-production studio.
Our mission is to match the right sound to images. We specialise in dialogue editing, cleaning production sound, sound efx and backgrounds creation, foley, sound and music editing, sound design and soundtrack mixing for feature film, documentaries, advertising and other audiovisual works. We produce international soundtracks, essential to movie releases in other languages, and we print audio with ad hoc mixing for every platform.
Sound is something that we like to think and imagine first, then create it and build it. For this reason we offer creative consultancy and support with the writing process, helping movie authors to imagine the scene from the sound.  
Hosting conferences and creative meetings on movie sound and its use in the audiovisual and multimedia fields.

Gradisca is a word of courtesy.
It has a pleasant sound and smells of cinema, creativity, invention and fiction. It’s sexy!

3 reasons to choose us

With the same budget, we will dedicate more time to your project.  When you take a break out the studio, you will find the serenity of a country garden.  This will allow you to create a sound made of ideas and not only technicalities. 

Every movie has a sound-style, just like it has a visual style and a big part of my job is to work with the director to figure out what that sound-style is.

audio editing
(dialogue, backgrounds and sound effects)

music editing

sound design


re-recording mixer

(5.1 and multichannel mixing)

loudness compliance
location sound

field recording
(stereo and ambisonics)

spatial audio design

game audio design and implementation

voice over

audio branding

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Selected filmography

FANGO ROSSO by Alberto Diana, Slingshot film
sound design + re-recording mixer

IN UN FUTURO APRILE by Francesco Costabile e Federico Savonitto, Altreforme
sound design + re-recording mixer

CREATURA DOVE VAI? by Gaia Formenti e Marco Piccarreda
sound design

HISTORY OF LOVE by Sonja Prosenc, Nefertiti film
sound editor

IL PIÙ GRANDE SOGNO by Michele Vannucci, Kino Produzioni
sound editor + music editor

PERSEFONE by Grazia Tricarico, CSC Production

ALBERI by Michelangelo Frammartino, Vivo Film
assistant sound design

MICHELE NELLA TERRA by Grazia Tricarico, CSC Production

 See full list filmography

Short bio

Eric Guerrino Nardin, born in 1984, studied Musicology at the University of Udine and a Master Degree in Sound Engineering at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.
Skills: re-recording mixer (5.1 and multichannel mixing), music editing, sound design, audio editing (dialogue, backgrounds and sound effects), field recording, loudness compliance.

Massimiliano Borghesi, born in 1983, studied Psychology at University of Trieste, and also a Master in Sound Design at Leeds Beckett University, UK.
Skills: location sound, binaural and ambisonics recording and mix, sound design, foley, spatial audio design, sound editing, game audio design and implementation, VR audio, voice over, audio branding.

A quiet place in the country

Via Palmanova 21/A
33050 San Vito al Torre UD

+39 320 16 53 423
recording @

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